WebOS – Say What?

Are you confused about the different types of operating systems that exist for TVs? Have you heard about WebOS and have no idea what it is? Let us help!

WebOS is a LG-owned, Linux-based, smart TV operating system that is set up to allow access and control of Smart TVs more advanced features and connected devices through GUI (graphical user interface).

WebOS is widely regarded across the globe as one of the greatest operating systems for smart TVs. Pairing TELEFUNKEN TVs with this system was an obvious choice and shows the TELEFUNKEN dedication to our brand values; Quality, Innovation, Performance & Design.

WebOS has a user-friendly interface that is intuitive and easy to navigate. The navigation and layout are visually appealing and there is a clear & creative use of design with smart icons and intelligent menus, which helps the user to access all desired features and apps on their TV with ease.

WebOS has a wide range of popular apps available , like Now TV, Amazon Prime, Netflix and Hulu, to name but a few streaming services, and it does not stop there. You can also choose from many available gaming apps and utility applications as you explore through the system.

One of the many standout features of WebOS is its multitasking capabilities. Its fast and responsive performance allows you to not only watch your favorite shows, but it also lets you browse the web while still streaming that show. This is simply because the WebOS operating system was built to minimize lag.

Lastly, this operating system supports voice control integration which allows users to control their smart TVs using voice commands. With built in voice assistants, users can simply search for content, adjust settings, and control their TV using voice commands.

WebOS is a feature of our N18 and N19 Smart TV models which range from 32” to 55”.

Both the N18 and N19 Smart TV models feature the UltraSlim Frameless Design, The N19 also comes with an inbuilt Soundbar for room filling sound.

The TELEFUNKEN WebOS supported smart Ts performance will transport you to a world of unparalleled entertainment!

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