TELEFUNKEN N19 55” TV Review by Jess Kelly

Are you looking for a smart TV that offers incredible sound and beautiful picture quality for a very affordable price?

Newstalk Tech Correspondent and Tech Bytes Host, Jess Kelly recently reviewed the TELEFUNKEN N19 55” TV.

According to Jess, she has found a model that stands head and shoulders above the rest – when you match the spec to the price tag.

This is what Jess Kelly said about the TELEFUNKEN N19 55” TV :

Telefunken N19

The Telefunken N19 55-inch TV has a Recommended Retail Price of €429 – but out of the box, it looks very similar to models that cost five or six times the price.

“It is lovely to look at,” says Jess.

“There is a frameless 4K UHD LED display and there’s an inbuilt sound bar, which is great if you are someone who is tight on space and doesn’t want a big surround sound system – or if you just cannot stand that tinny, very irritating sound that often comes from fairly pricey TV’s.”


The set features multiple ports on the back and they are all ‘very accessible,’ meaning there’s no need to pull it off the wall or its stand to connect your different devices.

When it comes to setup, the N19 is a dream, with a smart remote that makes entering passwords and searching for content as easy as waving a wand.

“It’s like you are Harry Potter and you’re conjuring up a spell to put in your passwords,” says Jess.


The N19 runs Web OS, meaning it functions much the same way as other high-end TVs – with easy navigation, customisation and access to 180 different IP streaming channels.

“I spent most of my week sitting around watching this TV,” says Jess. “I didn’t struggle with it at all. It’s a joy to watch.

“The bottom line is that the N19 offers incredible sound, beautiful pictures, all the ports you’d want, and a lovely interface to interact with – all for a very affordable price.”

Bottom line

Jess says it is “difficult to find a single flaw” with the N19 when you take the price and tech spec into account.

“It is an Ideal TV for students or if you’re someone who doesn’t want to spend a month and a half’s rent on a TV,” she says.

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